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We are a family owned and operated business that specializes in creating revolutionary mold products. 

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Our products ship to the customer and the customer performs the work to turn a 0% mold into a 100% lower receiver

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We design and manufacture all of our products "in-house."  

Everything that we offer for sale was designed and Made In America by Americans.

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Assembly, Pouring and Demolding videos can be found on the AR15Mold YouTube Channel.

  • Our Story

We designed and built our first version of the Freedom-15 mold product in early 2007.

By late 2012 we finally had what we considered was a great mold product and we moved into product field testing and validation.  Our primary problem is that we are "perfectionist gun guys" and we tested, re-tested and continued to improve the product design.

In early 2013, we decided that we should mass-produce the mold product "in-house".  Mass-production presented a host of challenges that took us time to solve.

Our final internal product torture test for one of our "home cast" Freedom-15 units consisted of:

• Heating the entire assembled AR15 weapon up to 165F and letting it sit at 165F for 8 hours.

• Removing the weapon (with gloves, installed loaded mag) and start firing the weapon for 480 rounds (16 mags, semi auto).

• As soon as the 480 rounds were fired....the weapon was put back into the 165F heat and we repeated the test for a second time (heat and firing).

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