ARCast Polymer Resin for Freedom-15 Lower Receivers

Recharge ARCast Resin + Pre-Bent Braces for Freedom-15 Mold Kits


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60.00 Ounces
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    This product is JUST the specialized polymer resin.  It is designed to be used as a refill kit for the Freedom-15 Mold Kit.

    • Cast an unlimited amount of UNREGISTERED 100% complete Freedom-15 AR15 lower receivers in the privacy of your own home.

    • Our kit is very simple to use, and in just a few hours you will have a ready to assemble high strength polymer AR15 Lower Receiver.

    • Further customize your Freedom-15 AR15 lower reciever by adding one of our eight colors, or custom mix your own color to taste.

    • Pre-Bent braces are included. The number of pre-bent support braces match your pour selection (5 pour = 5 support braces, 10 pour = 10 support braces, etc) 

    • Tested and reviewed in Firearms News Volume 70, Issue 13 - 2016

    • White Plastic is Freedom

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    1. Third Batch of Resin

      I'm getting 15 receivers per two batches of resin so of course I order extra braces. Always have resin left after the pour. Might try to lower the resin pour weights a bit and perhaps get one more! on Mar 5th 2018

    2. Preparing for a pour.

      This is a fun project.

      Wear exam/food handler gloves especially when working with coloring agents. Acetone is must for cleaning up. Paper towels are handy. An open waist basket lined with a plastic bag helps to.

      I find it best to lube all loose parts. The mold can be too and then wiped clean. To much lube will show on the finished receiver.

      Make sure the resin and hardener are well mixed before weighing each.
      on Jun 16th 2017

    3. AR15 Mold is great

      This is my second purchase, everything is working great. on Jan 16th 2017

    4. Enough Resin for Extra Receivers

      This will be a combination review of the original kit and the refill kit I recently purchased- As others have already stated, if you weigh out your resin carefully, you should be able to get 7 castings out of the (2) cans included. The dye kit provides of dye for I would bet over 50 receivers to be cast.
      As for the problems I have encountered- Make sure you start your 5:30 timer when Part A is dumped into Part B- otherwise, the stuff sets/kicks over and you are left with a in-complete pour like I encountered with my first one- no issues after that error. Also- get a cheap digital cooking thermometer from the local hardware store (about $20) to verify your water bath temperature- most hot water heaters run hotter than 125 F.

      Yes, bending the reinforcement braces can be a pain- my suggestions- use a pair of vice grips to do the bending with, since you can get a solid grasp on the metal with them and after you bend the first one, keep that one as a "reference" for the rest of your bending, and then trace the bend pattern onto a piece of paper (or use a modeler's contour replicator) to copy the bend pattern onto paper (and later some blocks of wood to compare your bending against). This all takes time initially, but it will save you time later.

      Use a handheld vibratory sander to rest the mold on while pouring- like was shown in one of the users videos- it works very well in helping de-gas the resin. I have one of my daughters hold the sander upside down while I pour and hold the mold. You will still need to tip the mold from side to side to help fill all the voids and de-gas it.

      I have had no issues with removing the cast receiver from the mold- follow the video and there should be no issues.

      The only major issue I have had with the whole kit/casting process is the removal of the tiny pin that holds the bolt-open release tab/insert in place during casting. The first couple of castings I did, I had little issues with removal of the pin- however, the pin was supplied with a rough cut on both ends (possibly from using a set of nips to clip it to length?) and during the process of trying to extract it, the pin will get galled and not want to come out, without great force. I have tried coating it with non-silicon based car wax, but that does not help. I have destroyed (3) receivers so far from my original kit in trying to get the damn pin removed. I have resorted to ordering some stainless steel pin stock (3/32" diameter), and using a special roll pin starting/holding tool from Brownells to drive the pin far enough out to grab it with a set of needle nose pliers. I am expecting to replace the pin with a new one (cost less than $1.00 each time), to prevent further issues and keep from destroying the receiver. I am currently waiting on the new pin stock and punch to try this, and I am also going to try coating the pin with petroleum jelly to see if that will work better in keeping the resin from sticking to the pin. The wax just does not want to adhere to the pin good enough. I have done other resin casting on other projects and petroleum jelly has worked wonderfully in acting as a mold release, so I am keeping my fingers crossed about this.

      All in all, it is pretty cool to pop open the mold and have made your very own "ghost" lower receiver.
      on Dec 29th 2016

    5. modding the mold

      The hard part is bending the support. Best advice, watch the video with the sound off. Bend it to fit the mold, don't try to figure out what he means. (hint: when he says "flare out" he means make them parallel. DONT try to flare them out.)

      If you want to sand off the mold lines, then don't break off the flashing. Cut it with an exacto knife. Breaking the flashing tears a small trench at the base of the flash which takes a lot more sanding to get rid of.
      All in all, I would say that it is tons of fun. At a price point less than a crate of ammo, pretty much anyone can afford a kit, for fun, or just for later.
      on Sep 20th 2016

    6. Good Product

      Mix it correctly, watch your timing, shake after pouring and you will have no problems. Six pours and only one failure. Pretty darn good odds. I still have enough for a seventh pour. Product does what it claims to. VERY satisfied. on Aug 23rd 2016

    7. Patience is key

      This kit is great. You have to be patient and steady with the pour. Don't rush or end result will be a paperweight. The new metal braces are good but take some time. They should strengthen the units overall. Remember bubbles are our enemy take your time and shake a bit between pours. Don't be scared to use up all the liquid when pouring. on Aug 4th 2016

    8. Excellent Product

      This is so easy to use after you get the hang of bending the metal that is included with the kit and when you order more product they furnish you with more metal. Noting is needed for mold release but I did use some mold release on the threaded portion of the plug for the rear stock hole to make it easier for it to unscrew.

      You can't go wrong on getting this kit. I've been a gun smith for over 40 years and I have been leery of these type lowers and now that I have fired over 1100 rounds through my first one, I would not worry about building one again. It stands up to about anything you feed it and I keep it in the ranch truck all the time for coyotes.

      The service is excellent or if you have questions, you can call them up and get them answered anytime, they have time for you, unlike some so called makers of lowers.

      Excellent!!!! I would give it ten 10 stars.

      on Jul 29th 2016

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