Freedom15 Question of the Day - 12/29/15 - Ok so what's the deal with this product? Do they fail? How long do the molds last? How much is all this?

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Ok so what's the deal with this product? Do they fail? How long do the molds last? How much is all this?


The cost for the Freedom15 mold + resin to cast five receivers is: $329.00.
Link to purchase the product:

We love this product and think that you will dig it too.

During our design, durability and strength testing we re-used the same Freedom-15 Mold to cast and re-cast over one hundred lowers.

The majority of our durability testing has consisted of firing thousands and thousands of rounds without a single failure or issue with the Freedom-15 unit. Shortly, we will put together a series of the firing videos.

We also offer Recharge Kits of ARCast Polymer Resin.
A five pour Recharge Kit of ARCast Polymer Resin is $119.00.
If you back out the mold cost, your cost to cast additional 100% complete lower receivers is $23.00.
Remember that NO MACHINING is required on our AR15 receiver.

In less than two hours you can cast your own Freedom-15 lower receiver (1:45 is typical).

We recommend waiting another 12 hours for additional air cure in 70F+ air temps before assembling or hardening the Feedom15 lower receiver.

If you decide to harden the product, set a small toaster oven at 135F and set the unit upright on the mag well and bake for 2 hours.
Hardening is not required.....however it will make the product even stronger.

Additional Overview:

The Freedom15 has been designed, produced and tested in the USA by gun enthusiasts. We have units in stock, ready to ship.

Even though it may seem like a simple concept, it was a long tough slog to turn this idea into something that we would rely on to protect our own family in a fire-fight.

We could have released this product a few years ago.....our problem is: we did not want to release something that we would not use ourselves.

The base Freedom-15 mold kit includes the mold and enough polymer resin to cast FIVE lower receivers.

The default color of a Freedom-15 cast with our ARCast polymer resin is white. You can add one or several of our special dye's and color to taste.

Here is a link to a strength test video:

Let us know what else we can do for you.