Freedom-15 AR15 100 percent lower receiver mold kit.
No Machining Required.
Assemble with common AR15 Lower Parts Kits.

Freedom-15 100% AR-15 Lower Mold Kit, ARCast Resin & Pre-Bent Braces


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  • Product Description

    Stainless Steel Reinforcement Support Braces are now included with every order!!

    How to bend and install the Freedom15 Support Brace.

    Freedom-15 AR15 lower receiver mold kit includes everything you need to cast your own 100% lower:

    2 - Reuseable Mold Halves, 1 - Small Parts Kit (internal plastic parts and pins), 1 Mag Mold Block, 1 Fire Control Group Mold Block, 4 - Bolts and Nuts,  ARCast Polymer Resin (enough to cast [5] Freedom-15 Lower Receivers), 5 - stainless steel support braces.

    • All Freedom-15 kits include enough ARCast polymer resin to pour 5x Freedom15 Lower Receivers.

    • Choose the amount of polymer resin from the above option selection, the default kit is 5x.  We also offer optional 5x, 10x or 15x resin pour receiver kits.

    • Pre-Bent support braces are included with each kit. The number of support braces match your pour selection (5 pour = 5 support braces)

    • Color dye is optional.  The default color of the receiver without adding color dye is WHITE.  Choose dye from the above option (choose from: none, 8 pack combo-kit or a single pack of color dye).

    • The Freedom-15 AR15 lower receiver is the worlds first high strength cast at home 100% ready to assemble AR15 lower receiver.

    • Cast an unlimited amount of UNREGISTERED 100% complete Freedom-15 AR15 lower receivers in the privacy of your own home.

    • Our kit is very simple to use, and in just a few hours you will have a ready to assemble high strength polymer AR15 Lower Receiver.

    • Further customize your Freedom-15 AR15 lower reciever by adding one of our eight colors, or custom mix your own color to taste.

    • Our design has been updated and refined over the past seven years to provide you with the highest reliability and durability.  

    • We designed and manufacture this mold product in-house using CNC technology.

    • We developed our own product torture test and our Freedom-15 Lower passes our torture tests with flying colors.

    • Multiple design improvements have been incorporated into Freedom-15 AR15 Lower.  

    Freedom15 Pour Checklist - PDF Download

    Below is a list of improvements made to the Freedom-15 Lower vs. a stock AR-15 Lower. 

    • Integral Trigger Guard - Designed to function with a gloved finger

    • Thicker Buffer Tube Support

    • Reinforced Buffer Tube Threads

    • Bracing for Added Strength

    • 100% Freedom-15 AR-15 Lower Receiver Cast In Your Home

    • Hi-Strength & Hi-Temp Polymer 

    DIY Product Return Notice:  The Freedom15 Mold Kit is a Do It Yourself product. We DO NOT ACCEPT USED PRODUCT returns. 

    Tips on how to make a great pour:

    • What we do personally to eliminate bubbles - start with the resin/mold at 70-75F.

    • Mix the color into part B and then wait for the bubbles to degas/exit part b (typically 15 minutes)

    • Start the timer and mix the two parts together and then after 60 seconds pour the mix into a new cup (eliminates unmixed resin)

    • Pour the mix slowly into the mold.....usually the mold is full by the 3:00 mark.

    • Tap (with a screwdriver near the middle of the mold) and move the mold around.

    • Continue to perform this movement scraping off bubbles as they get into the vent.

    • Wait as long as possible to insert the plug.

    • Watch the resin in the cup and insert the plug, when it will barely pour and starts to tack.

    • If you start with 70-75F resin you should be able to wait until 8:30-9:00 from the start of the timer before inserting the plug.

    • White Plastic is Freedom

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      Says here on the webpage above me....."everything you need to pour," except Silicone. Something so important they mention it several times! I am unhappy, that I get started on a project after finally having some free time and cannot go any further then a few minutes in. False advertising! It may seem petty, but I am writing this at 9:34 at night. My kids are asleep and I cannot go buy silicone! on Jul 27th 2016

    2. Love the mold but.....

      After trying to mold 3 lowers we finally got 2 useable molds. First and second molds set up too fast. Our first mold, where we warmed up the 2nd part of the polymer, set up after we were half done with the pour. Second pour (didn't heat the part 2 as much) did the same after we were almost done with pour. Our third pour we did at room temp and finally got a complete lower but the buffer tube support/brace showed through the buffer support tube and we didn't like the cosmetics of that. Finally we poured a lower without the buffer tube support/brace and got a good, useable lower. Be aware that if you are going to use the support/brace it is extremely difficult to bend into the correct shape. Wish it were pre-bent !! It will also (because the "shoulders" are thick) show through the mold (we found no way to correct this in the bending of the brace). Using a Dremel to grind down the "shoulders" would work but then the brace would be less strong, defeating it's purpose. After looking at the "torture" tests on line we decided the buffer tube support/brace was unnecessary and that it was , as my brother put it, a solution in search of a problem.
      Overall we thought the mold process was simple (after NOT using the buffer tube support) and didn't take too long to produce a useable mold. Having two people to cast the lowers was helpful and probably a must. Also we used a hand sander (with the sand paper removed) to vibrate the mold as we poured to release air bubbles and the final two casts were perfect. Get this kit, follow the instructional videos, and you won't be disappointed!!
      Colors are necessary if you don't want a white lower.
      Can't imagine all the engineering that went into this kit but thanks for all of it!!

      on Jul 23rd 2016

    3. Excellent machining

      I am a natural skeptic. The Firearm News article on this process well researched and written. I figured it was worth the investment if for nothing more than the education. The mold quality and execution is exceptional. It is a difficult concept to get everything to pour in AND then actually pop out when cured. This mold is well thought out and the process works. I am a working stiff with more money than time so I have just sent another complete mold "kit" to a retired tinkerer gun nut friend of mine who has little money but lots of time. As such, between the two of us this process shall be well thrashed out and I shall write of the results later. American ingenuity as its finest. Get as many of these kits out there into the hands of the real people of this great nation before it is too late. on Jul 22nd 2016

    4. great product, well made!

      poured my first unit yesterday, came out great! great service and wonderful to talk with !! on Jun 27th 2016

    5. east to use

      received my kit within 2 weeks, watched the how to do it on utube several times then cast one lower receiver first day following instruction made a nice lower received no visible bubbles. only thing I should have educated myself better on the color mix ratio. after reviewing that my second and third cast was also excellent and easy to do. ordered more color to try different colors. also working in industrial molding I am able to use mold release products for my pins instead of car wax. this is readily available online CRC products. on Jun 14th 2016

    6. great customer service

      I have had questions and minor issues. All of which were solved by quick reaponses on Apr 25th 2016

    7. Worth the effort

      While there is a bit of a learning curve to this kit, it's worth the investment. Watch all of the videos (and I do mean all of them) before your first pour. I discovered that the tip on waxing parts made the difference between a successful pour and demold, and a cracked lower. Building an AR is a fun and rewarding experience, and doing it with a lower you cast yourself is even better. This mold kit is a great idea and a great product. I had some issues early on, but the excellent customer service these folks provide helped me work through them and got me to making perfect pours every time.

      Thanks for a great product.
      on Apr 12th 2016

    8. Easy to use when you follow the great How-To Videos

      I ordered the AR15 Mold kit with black dye. During the first weekend I ended up making 3 lowers. The first lower took a while to make because I didn't want to screw it up so I watched the great How-To videos and the "Tips" video (a must to watch) and put it together step by step with the videos. The second and third molds I did from memory and they went great. I did have a sort of a hick up with my second one because the resin set too fast so I wasn't able to fill the mold. The only part that didn't get the full resin was the buffer tube threads. I figured I'd just chock it up to inexperience. Then I realized that all I had to do was use my Dremel and cut off the back portion behind the trigger block, reinsert it into the mold and mix up a small portion of the resin. After doing this I was able to save my lower and it doesn't even look like I had to redo a portion. I elected to put a bunch of fiberglass in the molds before I added the resin. I figure that I might as well make it very strong. The Videos are fantastic and very helpful. The parts in the mold kit fit great and the finished product accepted all of my lower build kit parts. The kit is more than worth it for the unlimited possibilities it affords. Thanks for designing this mold so precisely and for the great step-by-step instructions in the videos. on Apr 11th 2016

    9. This mold kit is SUPER!

      This mold kit is Super, and so are the folks at
      Excellent service, immediate help, assistance, and resolution. I really do recommend these folks to anyone building a project.
      on Apr 9th 2016

    10. Bolt pin area

      The first one I made was user error in the bolt catch area. The second and third I made I was careful and easily took pin out but there was still damage to the area around pin. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Recievers so close to being perfect . on Apr 2nd 2016

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    Assemble Freedom-15 AR-15 100 percent Lower Receiver Mold Kit 1 of 3

    How to assemble the Freedom-15 AR-15 100 percent Lower Receiver Mold Kit by The Freedom-15 Mold Kit allows you to cast an unlimited amount of 100 percent AR-15 lower receivers in your home. To learn more visit This is Video 1 of 3 (How to Assemble your Freedom-15 Mold Kit). Video 1: How to Assemble your Freedom-15 Mold Kit. Video 2: How to Pour your Freedom-15 Mold Kit. Video 3: How to Demold and harden your Freedom-15 Lower Receiver.
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