Freedom15 Mold - Pre-Bent Stainless Brace

Support Brace - Pre-Bent for Freedom15


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    Drop in stainless-steel support brace for the Freedom15 Lower Reciever.

    All braces are now: Pre-Bent to 90%

    How to bend and install the Freedom15 Support Brace.

    This brace provides support and strengthens the rear of the Freedom15.

    If you ordered on or after May 1, 2017, the pre-bent braces became standard issue with each order.

    The original flat brace became standard issue starting May 4, 2016.

    If you purchased a mold prior to May 4, 2016, please contact us via the contact form on our web-page and we will provide you with a brace discount coupon code.

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    1. Learning curve

      I am glad that I ordered this project, as it has been a positive experience, although somewhat of a challenging task. The "pre-bent" support was pre-bent. By the time I got to my fifth pour, I got pretty good. The pour was pretty much a snap, as I cheated and used my dental vibrator, and I poured a little quicker than the recommend time. Mixing time I stayed with, but I poured quicker, in three or four stages. Only had a few minor bubbles in noncritical areas that I filled with additional resin. Good experience, but in retrospect, I don't really need five receivers, and I might have been better off just to have bought a finished 100% and been done. But it was a fun project, and I may just order one more brace to use up the resin I have left. on Feb 15th 2018

    2. learning curve

      I have the achieved the art of bending the brace to the proper configuration. I now do several at a time. on Feb 9th 2018

    3. Pre bent is the way to go

      Ar 15 mold once again has shown that they have "WE" the consumer at heart.
      I got the mold before the pre bent support brace.
      Let me tell you it was a struggle I have terrible dexterity so some of the small bends were hard to achieve with my eye. I had all but given up after pouring one mold that looked like a 4th grade art project.
      What's funny is I said 4 days before ordering why wouldn't they sell these made up for the mold already. Then they did. They even offered a DISCOUNT ON A FUTURE purchase who does that? These guys do. The support brace is awesome and supports the rifle well. You can bump fire however it will crack from the stress after about 300 rounds ...keep it semi auto and you can change mags till the Russians invade. I am truly happy with how it turned out. Thanks guys for accommodating we the consumer. One idea to accommodate the full auto. Maybe carbon fiber I don't know but I'm sure you could find the fix. Thanks very much
      on May 3rd 2017

    4. These will get er done

      Needed to buy more of the metal support braces to use up the left over polymer, so this will get er done. on Dec 23rd 2016

    5. Not bad

      I would pay the extra money for a pre-formed brace. Minor adjustments wouldn't be as difficult as trying to shape the whole brace. on Aug 24th 2016

    6. Great upgrade for your pour!

      This brace is a great addition to your next Freedom 15 pour. It provides strength and rigidity to your lower in its most vulnerable places. The only issue is the bend up needed to get the brace into the mold. It is a little fiddly the first time, but it is possible and gets easier each time you do it. Watch the YouTube videos before you do your first one. I'll be adding these to the rest of my lowers for sure. on Aug 7th 2016

    7. Looks Promising

      We have not yet started the casting process, but I do have a question regarding the reinforcing brace. The only how to video is the one on bending the brace and it appears that it is installed in the mold around the buffer tube housing before the pour. However there is no picture of a casting after demolding indicating that the brace is in place. A picture showing how the finished casting would look with the brace in place would be helpful. So would additional imstructions on placing the brace in the mold. on Jul 14th 2016

  • Product Videos

    • Bend and Install Freedom15 Support Brace
      How to Bend and Install the Stainless Steel Support Brace for ...

    Bend and Install Freedom15 Support Brace

    How to Bend and Install the Stainless Steel Support Brace for a Freedom15 Lower - 5/24/16. The Freedom-15 Mold Kit allows you to cast an unlimited amount of 100 percent AR-15 lower receivers in your home. To learn more visit Additional Freedom15 Videos: How to Pour your Freedom-15 Lower. Video 1: How to Pour a Freedom15 Mold Video 2: How to Demold and harden your Freedom-15 Lower Receiver. Video 3: How to Assemble your Freedom15 mold Original Video Series Set 1 Links Video 1: How to Assemble your Freedom-15 Mold Kit. Video 2: How to Pour your Freedom-15 Mold Kit. Video 3: How to Demold and harden your Freedom-15 Lower Receiver.
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